Paintless Dent Repair in Seacoast NH

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Being able to retain your original (OEM) paint is always a win considering its superior quality and durability compared to aftermarket paint. The inherent advantage of OEM paint is made possible by the fact that the manufacturer can utilize a different chemical composition suited for much higher bake temperatures thereby achieving a thinner more durable paint. The reason this higher bake cycle can be implemented is because the vehicle is a bare shell during this bake cycle. Unfortunately aftermarket paints can't be baked at the same high temperatures because of all the plastics and interior materials present that can't handle such high temperatures. This forces aftermarket paint manufactures to utilize less durable paints that bake at much lower temperatures. Retain your original paint and value by choosing PDR!
Another major advantage of retaining your original paint and parts is that this will save you from triggering a Carfax report thereby helping you retain your vehicles value. Besides preventing Carfax reports PDR will also save you from diminished vehicle value when trade in inspectors test your paints mill thickness. Remember that OEM paint is much thinner so whenever thicker paints or fillers are detected your vehicle is hit with an automatic value reduction. Choose PDR and get more for your trade in and resale!

Paintless Dent Repair Advantages:


Hail Damage

Small Dents

Door Dings & Creases

Wind Damage

Road Debris Damage

Minor Bumper Damage

Some Large Dents

All Makes & Models